WIUC-Ghana Academic Calendar 2019/2020

The Wisconsin University Ghana, WIUC-Ghana Academic Calendar has been released for 2019/2020 academic year.


SchoolGH confirms that the management of the Wisconsin International University College Ghana has released the official academic calendar for the institution for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Wisconsin University Ghana Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organisations. The calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, exam dates and more.

Wisconsin University Ghana Academic Calendar

Wisconsin University Ghana academic calendar schedules are available as follows:-


1. Reopening/Registration Period     

Continuing students

Registration 2nd September – 28th September, 2019
Late Registration 16th September – 28th September, 2019
Close of Registration Exercise 28th September, 2019

New students

Registration                             2nd September – 28th September, 2019

2. Orientation for new students

All (Day, Evening & Weekend Groups)         14th September, 2019
Faculty Orientation          21st September, 2019

3. Lectures Begin

Lectures Begin          4th September, 2019     

4. Matriculation

Matriculation 12th October, 2019

5. MId-Semester Examinations

Mid-Semester Examinations 21st – 27th October, 2019                

6. Graduation

Graduation         23rd  November, 2019


Lectures End      1st December, 2019

8. Evaluation of Lecturers by Students

Evaluation of Lecturers by Students 24th November – 5th December, 2019

9. Revision

Revision                                 2nd December- 6th December, 2019 

10. End-of-semester Exams

End-of-semester Exams   8th -21st December, 2019

11. Holiday Break

Holiday Break                  2nd December, 2019 – 26th January, 2020


Reopening/Registration Period 27th January – 22nd February, 2020
Late Registration 10th  – 22nd  February, 2020
Close of Registration Exercise 22nd February, 2020

2. Orientation for new students

All (Day, Evg. & Weekend Groups) 15th  February, 2020                                   
Faculty Orientation 22nd February, 2020

3. Lectures

Lectures Begin     29th January, 2020            

4. Mid-Semester Exams

Mid-Semester Examinations    23rd March – 5th April, 2020

5. Lectures

Lectures End             26th April, 2020  

6. Evaluation of Lecturers by Students

Evaluation of Lecturers by Students 20th – 30th April, 2020

7. Revision

Revision                            7th April – 1st May, 2020

8. Semester Examinations

Semester Examinations          2nd – 23rd May, 2020              

9. Holiday Break

Holiday Break                        24th May – 31st September, 2020


Reopening / Registration Period               1st June – 20th June, 2020                                                    
Lectures Begin         3rd June, 2020                        


Lectures End  12th August, 2020
Revision    12th August – 16th August, 2020
Semster Examinations  17th – 23rd August, 2020

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