WAEC Ghana Index Number 2020: How to Get & Verify

Want to get your WAEC Ghana Index Number? This post will explain the whole concept of WAEC Index Number and how a candidate can obtain it. It will as well address the popular question “how do I get my WAEC Ghana Index Number 2020?


WAEC Ghana

If you are a WAEC candidate and you are yet to get an index number or you don’t know what a WAEC Index Number is, the following lines will enlighten you.
The WAEC Index Number is 10 digit number issued by the examination board WAEC to a WASSEC candidate as a unique identifier. An Index number is required before a candidate is allowed to the examination hall. You will as well need it when checking your result or performing certain action online. Now you know how essential the WAEC Index Number is. Let see how to get it.

How to Get WAEC Ghana Index Number

Obviously, the WAEC Ghana Index Number can be obtained by a candidate that has completed the WAEC Registration. The 10-digit Index Number will be generated by WAEC and made available online from the 5th of August 2020.

  • You will need your WAEC PIN/invoice Number to obtain your Index Number and admission Notice on the stated date.

Follow the procedures below to access your WAEC Ghana Index Number.

Note: Browsers like Firefox and Chrome could display a warning message that is considered an error. When this happens, you should find out ways to get back on track.

If the error message persists, you ought to click on details then visit this site in order to resume. Once the site opens, you should proceed by entering your invoice number which will eventually generate your WAEC Ghana index number for Nov/Dec examination.

See the next step to verify your Index Number.

How to Verify Your WAEC Index Number


After obtaining your WAEC Index Number following the details above. The next step is the Index Number verification process. The following steps will help you verify your WAEC Ghana Index Number.

Congrats, you have successfully obtained your WAEC Ghana Index Number and completed verification process. You can proceed with your examination.

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