Vodafone Recruitment 2019 for Legal Counsel, Regulatory & Compliance

Vodafone Recruitment 2019 for Legal Counsel, Regulatory & Compliance


Applications are invited from suitably qualified Applicants for the Vodafone Recruitment 2019. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Vodafone Recruitment 2019

Role Purpose:

Drive awareness creation and implement compliance strategies regarding all business policies e.g. privacy, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, and competition law policies within Vodafone Ghana. This shall be reached by running major campaign around implementing Enterprise wide policies and related procedures as well as creating and delivering compliance activities and training sessions to all stakeholders. The Legal Counsel for Compliance will monitor the operational and procedural performance in policy compliance to improve Vodafone’s brand reputation, mitigate legal compliance risks and engage in continuous improvement in compliance together with other Vodafone business units.


Key accountabilities and decision ownership


  • Oversee and co-ordinate compliance of Vodafone Ghana’s policies and relevant legislations/ regulations in order to minimise legal liability, regulatory risk and brand reputational exposure.
  • Ensure compliance of Vodafone Ghana’s policies and manage the company’s relationship with stakeholders to the extent relevant for compliance with the policies.
  • Ensure that Vodafone Ghana’s policies are aligned to Vodafone Group policies at every given time.
  • Ensure prompt update of policies to align with changes in local business environment to avoid risk exposure.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of written policies and procedures throughout the business.
  • Monitor and report the implementation of Local and Group polices and any changes to existing policies, including the assignment of responsibilities throughout Vodafone Ghana, the training of staff involved in the processing operations and the related audits.
  • Solve compliance issues in a timely manner
  • Identify areas of legal risk for the business and propose and implement new ideas and solutions to manage such risk.
  • Ensure that appropriate stakeholders are involved in the decision making process in relation to such compliance risk and influence stakeholders to ensure the best outcome whilst also meeting Vodafone Ghana’s strategic objectives.


Privacy and Competition Law

  • Acting as Privacy Officer for Vodafone Ghana;
    • Facilitate business integration and consolidation by ensuring that privacy practices in Vodafone Ghana are consistent, aligned and meet business objectives
    • Oversee and co-ordinate compliance with relevant privacy and data protection laws including privacy provisions of the Constitution of Ghana.
    • Provide guidance to the business to help it manage information and data and develop and provide products and services in a manner that best meets Vodafone Ghana needs, while providing the necessary protections and safeguards required to protect the privacy of the customers concerned.
    • Maintain Vodafone Ghana’s Privacy Risk Management System (PRMS), ensuring that adequate and appropriate controls are in place.
  • Identify and address the impact of the Privacy Policy on the development of products and services through a Privacy Impact Assessment, in particular, where the privacy policy has an impact upon such products or services to ensure effective and efficient compliance with Policy.
  • Act as deputy Anti-Money Laundering Officer.

Disclosures, Customer and Supplier Confidence

  • Contribute to fostering the trust and confidence of Vodafone Customers in the way the business handles their personal information and provides services.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements as they relate to privacy and personal data and information of customers, including ensuring the confidentiality of communications and the lawful collection and usage of customer data.
  • Pro-actively address customers’ expectations concerning their privacy and security around the way in which their personal information is handled to create and ensure trust and confidence in Vodafone and the products and services it provides.
  • Provide guidance concerning the protection of information about individuals and the confidentiality and privacy of people’s communications.
  • Run major campaign of awareness for suppliers on relevant legal policies such as anti-bribery and corruption and anti-money laundering policies
  • Put in place systems and practices to ensure highest standards of compliance of anti-bribery and corruption and anti-money laundering policies by Vodafone Suppliers and other relevant third parties Vodafone may deal with.


Awareness and Cultural Change

  • Acting as the Enterprise wide policy champion;
    • Assist in the development of best practise within Vodafone Ghana and create policy and compliance awareness within the organisation.
    • Maintain effective contacts with relevant stakeholders within Vodafone Ghana as well as with external stakeholders.
    • Direct the internal investigation of compliance issues.
    • Provide training on policies to staff and external stakeholders on relevant policies.
    • Provide regular reports and updates to the Regulatory and Compliance Manager and Senior Management.


Governance and Reporting

  • Provide regular updates to key stakeholders on key development and changes in Local and Group policies and provide training where necessary in order for all stakeholders to be abreast with changes in the compliance environment.
  • As the Compliance Champion and Privacy Officer for Vodafone Ghana, escalate issues relating to the Policy to the Content & Privacy Steering Group of Vodafone Group.
  • Liaise and agree with Vodafone Group compliance on amendment to local policies and align with Vodafone Group on new policies.
  • Cascade all initiatives of Vodafone Group and Vodafone Ghana around compliance to relevant functions and business unites, employees and relevant external stakeholders.
  • Provide regular progress reports on compliance issues to External Affairs and Legal Leadership Team.

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

  • Strong analytical and written ability, results orientated with a process improvement and commercial focus.
  • Exhibit good knowledge in policy drafting/review and compliance
  • Five to Ten years of corporate or private practice law experience.
  • Experience of working with a MNC desirable.
  • Experience of working in-house desirable.
  • Team working skills and ability to influence and persuade people.
  • Knowledge of the telecom industry will be an added advantage


Must have technical / professional qualifications:

  • Knowledge of National Laws.
  • The completion of at least a Bachelor’s Degree and a professional law qualification.
  • Requires membership in a Bar Association and be in good standing.

How to Apply


Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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