UT Bank Limited Contacts: Address, Branches, Website & More

UT Bank Limited Contacts: Address, Branches, Website & More… Featured in this post are the UT Bank Limited contact details.


UT Bank Limited Contacts

UT Bank Limited Contact Number, UT Bank Limited Customer Service, UT Bank Limited Branches, Email, Website, Branches and Head Office Address”… Full details below.

The official UT Bank Limited contact information can be found below as extracted from the official UT Bank Limited website by SchoolGH. As we strive to keep these contacts accurate and updated, the contact information can change without prior notice, therefore always verify before contacting.

Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Contacts: Address, Branches, Website & More

For information about UT Bank Limited, please use any of the following media to reach them:

5B Manet Towers

Airport City

P.O. CT 1778


Accra – Ghana

Tel: 233-302-740740



Telex: 233 302 2927

Fax: 233 302 232728

E-mail: enquiries@utbankghana.com


Website : www.utbankghana.com

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