UPSA Hostel Booking Procedures | How to Book UPSA Bed Space

UPSA Hostel Booking Procedures | How to Book UPSA Bed Space… The University of Professional Studies, UPSA Hostel Booking Procedures for the fresh student. How to book UPSA bed space as a fresh or returning students who are interested in applying to reside in the UPSA Hostel.

University For Professional Studies

The management of the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) has released the hostel booking procedure for interested students who wish to reside in the UPSA Hostel. Interested students should see the UPSA hostel application guidelines and take note of the following.


UPSA Hostel Booking Procedures


  • Fresh students could access the Hostel Online Management System for bookings only after they have registered as students with the University.
  • Continuing students could also access the Hostel Online Management System for bookings only after they have registered as students with the University.


Interested fresh and returning students should follow the procedures below to apply for hostel bed.

  1. Login to your University student
  2. On the menu bar click on my Hostel
  3. You’ll be directed to your Hostel portal where you can book and perform other Hostel

Student Booking

1. On the main dashboard click on your preferred room from the rooms available group in the middle of the

2. Click on the book to see the list of beds

3. Select the bed you want to book

4. Accept the terms and conditions or click outside to terminate the process.
You should receive email on your successful booking and your room status will change from not booked to booked with room and bed numbers shown on the Hostel portal.

5. If you accept the terms and conditions, then proceed to make payment of the designated hostel facility user fee and related charges, in any networked branch of Access


6. Proceed immediately to disburse the payment on the University’s interpay platform at ( with your ID and password and disburse for the following.

  • UPSA Hostel facility fee
  • Hall dues
  • Hostel refundable deposit for damages
  • Hostel initial electricity credit

7. You can check the status of your payment after 24 hours to see if your booking had been confirmed

8. If your booking is confirmed, then proceed to the porter’s lodge for hostel registration.



Booking will be reversed to the pool if payment is not made within 72 hours after the booking and anyone could take the bed. You’ll need to log in and book again as any other student would be provided there are more beds. You will, however, receive an email if any reversal occurs.

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