Top 7 Best Beaches in Ghana – A Must Visit

Top 7 Best Beaches in Ghana – A Must Visit


Ghana is currently one of the most peaceful and one of the fastest growing countries in Africa both economically and democratically. Nevertheless, these are not the only beautiful things about Ghana. This West African country has a variety of attractions that make it a great tourist destination. Among these attractions are the amazing, fascinating and breathtaking West African coastlines and special beaches. If you intend to visit Ghana this holiday season, then here are top 7 best Ghana beaches you can spend your time while enjoying the beauty of the Mother Nature.

Here Goes the List of 7 Best Beaches in Ghana

1. Labadi Beach

Located at the western edge of Accra is Labadi pleasure beach. This public beach has a fascinating 3-kilometer beachfront offering a variety of attractions as well as activities. One important natural phenomenon in this beach is strong winds, which enable beach sports such as football, beach volleyball and Frisbee.

The beach also has infrastructure and facilities that make it user friendly including shower-rooms, changing-rooms, restaurants as well as snack bars and many more. A fee has to be paid to enter the beach and there are performers, acrobatics and musicians who grace the occasion on regular basis.

Labadi Beach - Best Ghana Beaches

2. Ada Beach

This beach is located 100 kilometers from the capital city, Accra. Ada beach is  located at the estuary of the famous River Volta. It features extensive picturesque sandy coastal beaches that have become the nesting place for beautiful sea birds. You will also find the rare and endangered species of turtles in this scenic beach.

If you love skiing, sport fishing and even yachting,  thanks to the presence of a nearby marine, Ada beach is the place to go. One unique thing with this beach and indeed the other beaches east of Accra is that they are less frequently visited and therefore you will have ample time to interact more personally with the locals.

Ada Beach

3. Kokrobite beach

This is Rastafarians paradise and if you are a fan of this genre of music, Kokrobite is the place to go. It is a funky beach town located approximately 27 kilometers from Accra. The atmosphere here is partying and merrymaking and in this regard superior to other beaches at the suburbs of Accra.


The tropical temperature here makes sunbathing enjoyable as the blue costal waters bring a cooling breeze inland. At night, the beach turns frenzy with bonfire celebrations characterized by song, dance and drumming. Kokrobite is a place you might want to try out this holiday season.

Ghana - Best Ghana Beaches

4. Busua Beach

Busua beach is another great attraction in Ghana. It is strategically located on an expanse of natural sandy beaches approximately 45 kilometers west of the port city known as Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. This location is about 5.5 hours drive from Accra.

The magical night breeze and fresh atmosphere found at Busua beach makes it a wonderful destination for holiday goers. The coastal waters at this beach are breathtaking giving you the opportunity to appreciate what nature has to offer. Busua Beach is among the cleanest and the most peaceful because of its remote location. This is the place to go if you want quietness and peace of mind.


busua beach

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