Modelling Agencies in Ghana: List of Top Modelling Agencies in Ghana

Modelling Agencies in Ghana: List of Top Modelling Agencies in Ghana… Featured in this post-session are the list Modelling Agencies in Ghana, List of Top 10 Modelling Agencies in Ghana with their website and details.

Modelling Agencies in Ghana

Modelling Agencies in Ghana

Modelling Agencies in Ghana are the companies that represent fashion models to work for the fashion industry. These agencies earn their income via commission, usually from the deal they make with the model and or the head agency.

The top agencies in Ghana work with big-budget advertising agencies and fashion designers. They invest money into developing their talent so they can increase their status within the industry. These top agencies will help train models, get test shoots, layout portfolios,  put together composition cards and other printed materials models need.

The agencies find work for models by presenting them to designers, photographers and ad agencies. The agencies are also responsible for booking the jobs, billing for the jobs and eventually paying the models for their time. By handling the details, an agency allows a model to focus on modelling and not on the business end.

Top Modelling Agencies in Ghana

1. Passion Exhibit Modelling Agency (PEMA)

Passion Exhibit Modelling Agency (PEMA) lifts high standards of modelling in Ghana and leads people to their dream of becoming models. Passion Exhibit works with professional models and trains amateur models to provide a truly satisfying modelling services to institutions consistently delivering and enhancing high quality service. The agency hire models out for bills, ads, conferences and events. Also publish and sell high quality, creative and professional magazines on fashion, health and beauty.

2. Hi5 Modeling Agency

Hi5 Modeling Agency is a Professional Model Management setup to train,groom and turn emerging and professional models into prominent investment. Hi5 Modeling Agency was founded by Franklin Ferguson popularly known as Mario in 2015 on September 7. Hi5 Modeling Agency gained recognition in the modeling industry for its dynamic model-specific platforms and unwavering standard of excellence.

3. Purple Kouture

Purple Kouture makes native African clothing for both sexes and its suitable for any event. The designs are made to fit anyone who wears it. Purple Kouture cuts and styles add a touch of royalty to the clothing, thereby making look Elegant and Confident. It’s Services also include training people in dressmaking to become excellent designers and tailors.

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4. Iwalk Magazine and Model Agency

The purpose of Iwalk Magazine and Model Agency is to introduce a new style of doing things on it’s continent. Iwalk as a brand has it’s main purpose in youth development, entrepreneurship, etc.

5. 5 Star Advertizing and Model Agency

5 Star Advertising & Model Agency has over 9 years experience . It is also multiple award wining company.In an increasingly competitive world , 5 Star believe it’s the highest quality of advertising and result driven marketing services; as well as brand visibility that will give the company the edge to lead in sells to become the best-selling and service providing company in the region/country.

6. AHOFA Designs

AHOFA focuses on African fashion designs. AHOFA try to weave colorful African designs into the clothes to portray the culture. AHOFA target market include; Young adult, children, Corporate executives, Expectant mothers, Sport men and women (Sports club), Students and Churches (customized church robes).


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7. Top Class Talents Management


Top Class Talents Management is one of the leading Talents recruitment agencies in Africa that give both local and international opportunities to young and stars to make way to the stardom and make enough money. Top Class Talents Management manage actor, models, TV & radio presenters, Music artists , footballers, professional dancers, vocalists, creative artists and all kind of sports talents.

8. Gappi Model and Advertising Agency

Modelling agency is into talent management and grooming especially the modelling talent. The company offer escort services, ushering services video shoots, commercials and many more.

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9. Model Africa Agency

Model Africa is an Agency which basically trains young people who have the desire an passion of becoming future professional models. Model inculcate a blend of culture and fashion to suit clients. As part of the responsibility to promote youth development through Entertainment, Model Africa groom and look for contract for the models and also manager them.

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10. Lovty one collection

Lovty one collection is the leading and award winning fashion house in Ghana founded in 1999 location based at Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Lovty one collection is a design and creative thinking institution initiative.


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Other Modelling Agencies in Ghana

  1. Model Urbane
  2. Angel phase fashion and grooming
  3. Confidence Model Management
  4. Stars Model Agency
  5. Sparkzuta Model Agency
  6. Exotic Model Agency
  7. SHOF Agency
  8. Gold Model Agency
  9. VGC
  10. Exopa Models
  11. Akuaba Model Agency
  12. Eros Modelling Agency
  13. Phaze2 Models
  14. Links models
  15. Unwind Model Agency
  16. Cash Models
  17. Flex Models
  18. 5 Star International Model Agency
  19. Spice Models
  20. B2 Models
  21. Ayo A Models
  22. Tiptoe Models
  23. LEM Model Agency
  25. Riclils Entertainment & Events Management
  26. Maxi Model Agency
  27. Sasyentgh
  28. Philus Modelling Agency – PMA
  29. Eddies Clothing Gh
  32. AkuaBa Modeling & Talent Agency
  33. Classifieds Model Agency
  34. Links Models
  35. Iwalk Magazine And Model Agency
  36. Code Black Africa Modeling Agency
  37. ayen Modeling Agency
  38. Phaz Model Agency
  39. Tiptoe Model Management
  40. H P Modeling Agency
  41. Glamour Ladies Agency
  42. Gold Model Agency
  43. Jil Boutique
  44. X Klusiv Model Agency
  45. Young Scarlette Agency
  46. Mi Agency
  47. Kobby Reynolds Model Management
  48. Tn Models
  49. Gypsy Models
  50. Mi Agency Ghana
  52. Cedi Bill Multimedia

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