How To Write A Last-Minute College Paper

In case that you have realized that your term paper is due within the next couple of days and you have no clue where to start, there is a slight possibility that you have procrastinated with your research. Even though it may be scary, there is no reason to fear. Sure that you do not have that much time, however, this brief article might give you the clue on how to write a last-minute college paper and ease your mind a bit.

Determine How Much Time You Will Need

Before you develop the urge to start writing with panic speed, it would be wise to try and stop yourself from doing so. First and foremost, anxiety will not bring anything good. What would be beneficial however is to chart out what would be the decent amount of time which you will think you can write this paper. In case you are a hesitant writer and rather slow, it is suggested to spend a maximum of an hour per page.

Within five hours, you will be able to write a paper of a decent ten to twelve pages long. Work briskly and yet carefully after you set a paced schedule for yourself. Let us say for instance that you have decided to write down a six to eight-page essay within two hours.

That can be done even if you are in a crunch. It would be wise to spend at least half an hour researching your topic and then explaining to yourself for one hour what you have learned. As a final step, the last half hours you could use to compile a bibliography.

Choose Your Topic

If your professor would allow you to pick out your topic or thesis for the paper, surely that would be the best scenario possible. In that case, the key would be to choose a topic that is as broad as possible. Writing and filling out ten pages about the life of Aristotle for instance is much easier than having to create a paper that revolves around the views of posterior analysis.

Many theses have already been researched already which can help out in the process, so focus on that as well. Since you have let us say a day before the term, you are not reinventing the wheel since the topic has been covered numerous times before. You will just be putting other people’s research but in your own words. In case you still do not think that you could manage that, click here and seek more detailed advice. Some people just have trouble writing things on their own and asking for help is the only way to go. There is no shame in that. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to finish and deliver your paper on time.

Have A Detailed Research

The determining factor of whether your paper will “live” or “die” is the research. The more of it you do without suffocating your professor with useless facts, the better the result. Even if you most probably have not, it is still important to make an impression that you have thought deeply about the topic and went through various resources for weeks.

Utilize your campus library in case the college paper would require book sources, and if it is not mandatory, you could simply use Google instead. It would be wise that in case you choose that option, not to click through every single option that is represented to you. Pay attention to what the title would be of the webpage you are at and is the site eligible itself. Solid and good information is needed.

You should also be cautious in case you want to use quotes or a fact from the web. It should be followed by a citation. In-text citations usually would include the last name of the author. Another thing to look out for is credibility since Google does not always provide you with sources that are based on academic research.

What Is Your Thesis Statement?

What your thesis statement should be the next step after you have done your research. Broad thesis statements are not preferred by the professors. It would be advisable to try and make it seem as specific as possible without setting limits on the number of things that you can talk about.

In case you are writing about a specific person and how they have influenced a society or made an impact on a certain period, set that as the direction on where the paper is going. The general rule of paper statements should be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Writing the paper at the last minute requires you to follow this simple formula. Certain variables do exist, but for that, all you need is to plug data into. The writing process will be much easier and much less stressful than many college students might think.



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