How to Land a Dream Job after Your Master’s Degree

As the old mantra goes, if your job is your passion, it isn’t going to feel like a job at all. Since you were a kid, you might’ve set your eyes on a career that you believe is right for you. Grade school, high school, and college are all a step in the right direction. The biggest leap you’ll need to take, however, is getting your master’s degree.

There’s a huge crisis in underemployment. What is this you ask? It’s when an employee is working in a job that isn’t worth their time. It’s also when an employee is working a job that doesn’t make full use of the abilities. This means that you are technically underemployed if your job isn’t related to the course you took up in college.

Employers are now more demanding with regards to hiring competent employees. You have a better shot at getting hired into your dream position if you have a master’s degree in the related course. Of course, getting your dream job and getting a Master’s Degree are two different beasts to handle. Here’s how you can accomplish the latter.

Prepare Your CV

One of the first things that an employer will see is your CV. Your CV will make or break your job application. It’s best to make a good first impression through your background.

When creating your CV, make sure to add in important educational achievements you have, such as your awards and your master’s degree program, which could be of value to the company you are applying for. The people behind CVGuru emphasized that your CV should show why you are perfect for the job. If you don’t have an idea how to create a CV that will stand out amongst the hundreds of competitions, you can make use of professional copywriting services. With their expertise, you will surely increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Set Your Goal

The first step towards a fruitful career will always be planning and envisioning what you want to reach in the future. Once you have your Master’s Degree, most of the work is just about to begin. The next step comes in picking a job that eventually leads to your career in the future.

Planning ahead is important as it helps you focus your career path towards a certain objective. You want to be in the field of medicine but what exactly are you hoping to become? A dentist? An ophthalmologist? A pediatrician? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself first.

You might not be able to land these jobs immediately. However, what’s best is to find a starting job that’s closely related to them so you can eventually reach your goal.

Begin Building Connections

While in graduate school, you are already free to make as many connections as you want with the people around you. You can easily find people from various fields which makes it easier for you to land a job that you have been eyeing for a long time. Aside from your fellow students, you should also build more bonds with your teachers too.

It’s these connections that lead to referrals and later on, bigger job opportunities too. Aside from getting referrals, you could also learn a thing or two from others which will further expand your experience in your chosen field.

Consult With Your Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors are often perceived as the people that students go to whenever they have personal problems or issues at school. What many seem to forget however is that it’s a part of a counselor’s job to actually help you find job opportunities. Schools have a wide selection of company contacts that can help you land a job.

If you are really confused about the path you want to take in the future, then it might be time to seek a guidance counselor’s help for the time being. They are trained to help you make the right decision. Most importantly, they have access to all of your records at school. What this means is that they know what your strengths and weaknesses are, thereby helping you find a job that fits your abilities.

Alternatively, you can find a person who’s already a professional in your dream job to give you guidance.

Expand Your Options

Some people have trouble getting their dream jobs because they limit themselves. They do this by focusing on applying in one company only. In some cases, they even look for very specific jobs. Your first job after getting a master’s degree doesn’t have to be the last. As such, you should consider grabbing other opportunities as well.

You can begin building your resume through these initial jobs. So long as your first job is related to what you do in your dream career, you can use this to your advantage. Aside from making your resume look better, it will also help you learn more skills that you can apply in the future.

These are just a few tips that can help you land a dream job. However, we highly suggest picking a job you are happy and comfortable with over one that looks great on a resume. You won’t be able to perform well in a job if you lack the passion for that field so make your preferences a part of the equation too.






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