Harvard University Middle East Initiative (MEI) Research Fellowships 2019

Harvard University Middle East Initiative (MEI) Research Fellowships 2019


Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Harvard University Middle East Initiative (MEI) Research Fellowships 2019… Interested apps and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

 Middle East Initiative (MEI)

Harvard University Middle East Initiative (MEI) Research Fellowships 2019

The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University is offering Middle East Initiative Research Fellowships for the academic year 2019.

  • Type: Fellowship
  • To be taken at (country): USA
  • Duration of Fellowship: 10 months

Field of Study: Priority will be given to applications pursuing one of these four primary areas of focus:

  1. Democratizing Politics: Establishing durable, accountable democracies not only by focusing on political institutions, but also by empowering the region’s citizens.
  2. Building Peace: Addressing the sources of domestic and interstate conflict and generating durable political settlements.
  3. Revitalizing the State: Reforming the Middle East’s social service delivery systems with a special emphasis on health, education and social protection.
  4. Democratizing Financial and Labor Markets: Working to ensure that the financial and labor markets in the Middle East benefit the entire population, not merely the elite.

Programme Description: The Middle East Initiative (MEI) engages public policy issues in the Middle East by convening academic and policy experts, collaborating with regional partners, and developing the next generation of leaders.

Fellows are expected to be physically present at Harvard for the duration of the two-semester fellowship. Pre-doctoral research fellows are encouraged to work on, and ideally complete, their doctoral dissertations. Postdoctoral or faculty fellows may use this fellowship to complete a book or develop other works-in-progress.

Fellows are generally expected to:

  • Complete a 25-30 page Working Paper to be published by the Middle East Initiative
  • Present their research at seminars open to the public
  • Attend seminars of other Middle East Initiative research fellows
  • Participate in Middle East Initiative activities as appropriate


  • Eligible candidates include advanced doctoral candidates, recent recipients of a Ph.D. or equivalent degree, and untenured faculty members.
  • Applicants for pre-doctoral fellowships must have passed general examinations and should be in or near the final year of their program.
  • Applications are welcome from political scientists, historians, economists, sociologists, and other social scientists.
  • Applications are also encourage applications from women, minorities, and citizens of all countries.

Value of Fellowship:

  • The Middle East Initiative offers ten-month stipends of $40,000 to pre-doctoral fellows and $58,000 to postdoctoral fellows. Pre-doctoral fellows are not benefits eligible. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for other sources of funding. All applicants should clearly indicate on their application form whether they are seeking full or partial funding, and indicate other potential funding sources. Non-stipendiary appointments are also offered, but the application process remains the same.
  • Fellows who expect to complete their Ph.D. program prior to the fellowship can apply for a postdoctoral appointment. Confirmation of Ph.D. completion is required to receive the postdoctoral stipend rate and benefits. The fellow will be paid at the pre-doctoral rate and will not be benefits eligible until the Middle East Initiative receives confirmation of Ph.D. completion.

Application Procedure


Application Form – How to Apply: 

  • CV/Resume
  • Unofficial transcript (pre-doctoral fellow applicants only)
  • Research Proposal (3-5 double-spaced pages)
  • Writing sample (less than 50 double-spaced pages)
  • Contact information for three recommenders submitting letters on your behalf

To apply, please complete the online application form.

Application Deadline

  • Application Deadline: 15th January, 2019

For More Information:

Click Here to the Official Webpage of Harvard University Middle East Initiative (MEI) Research Fellowships 2019 for more information



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