Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement for Recruitment | Application Guidelines

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement for Recruitment | Application Guidelines


Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement for Recruitment | Germany is one of the most attractive countries in Europe with beautiful landmarks and tourist attraction you would gaze at in amazement. It’s a safe and immensely developed country that offers free tuition education to its resident. This country has low level of unemployment and many job opportunities for citizens and encourages employment of immigrant who is skilled and qualified for different positions.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirement for Recruitment

So if you are an immigrant or wish to immigrate to Germany, to enhance recruitment, you need to possess a job seeker visa and we’ve presented steps below on how to obtain this important document.

German Job Seeker, What it is?

The job seeker visa for Germany is a Long-Term Residency Permit, which allows you to stay in the country for six (6) months and look for a job. If at the end of the six (6) months you have found a place of employment, you will be given the Germany work visa or a Germany work permit and you will be allowed to work and live there. Please note that having a job seeker visa does not allow you to start working immediately in Germany. It only means that you can visit the country and look for a job during your stay. In order to obtain this visa, you need the following:

  1. Be eligible to apply
  2. Compile all the necessary documents
  3. Fill out an application form and book your visa appointment

Eligibility Status

  • You must be a Bachelor of Master’s Degree holder from a German university or an equivalent foreign degree
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your related field of study
  • Show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay during the time you are in Germany, you could get a guarantor
  • Have travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your Work Permit

Application Requirement

  • You need a passport issued in the past 10 years and valid for at least 12 months after your scheduled return
  • A copy of your passport’s data page
  • A passport photo based on biometric specification
  • A cover letter where you explain the objective of your visit, how you plan to find employment, and your alternative career plans if you cannot find a job
  • Diploma of your degree (or any other proof of academic qualification from a German or non-German university) as well as any certificates of previous work experience
  • Your detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany (where you will be staying for your visit)
  • Documents of your financial situation such as a bank account statement which proves you can finance your stay in Germany
  • Proof of personal status in your home country, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, and others translated in English.
  • Copy of proof of health insurance.

In order to fulfill the requirements, you have to prepare two (2) sets of these documents and take them to your application center. Your offer of visa depends on the decision that will be taken at the application center.

At the Application Center

After you have gathered the necessary documents, the final step is to fill out an application form from your German Embassy office for the job seeker visa. After you have submitted the form, you will be booked an appointment for an interview. Your background and documents, application form, and interview will determine whether you will be granted the Germany job seeker visa.


Finally, you should make contact and get information on vacant positions in German if you are to get employment and thus make your job visa meaningful.

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