Creative tips to improve your writing skills

One of the most important skills for any person who wants to become a writer, in other words – has come to writing, is the skill of writing simple, understandable and interesting texts. It is the combination of simplicity and fascination in the text that makes an author a good writer. It would seem simple, what is the matter with it? However, writing simple, clear and interesting texts is a real skill, it is worth learning to everyone who decided to become a writer. The experts of the Vip-Writers team have collected for you the best creative tips on how to improve your writing skills, how to develop your writing, so that readers can read your every text avidly.


So, let’s start with the first and the main thing. There is one mega-tip that literally works wonders. The secret is: if you want to learn how to do something, do it. In particular, to learn how to write well, you need to write in a regular manner. The only way to improve your writing skills is to write a lot and often, without waiting for inspiration, which suddenly comes unexpectedly. You have to love to write, and then the desire for constant excellence will push you to develop your writing skills.

Read a lot. If you want to learn how to write better, then first you should read a lot. Books (both artistic and educational), articles, posts on the Internet. Here the principle is simple, so that you always have ideas for texts, you need to put these ideas into your head: reading does this great.

From the first time you can get some kind of nonsense. And even from the first hundred times. But progress is inevitable, if you continue and do not stop. A year later, it will amaze you how far you have advanced in self-improvement.

Criticism is important for improvement. Ask to criticize the “masterpieces” you have written of anyone who agrees to do this. If you have no one to ask then set up a video camera (camera or phone with video recording) and read the text into the camera. Videotape will reveal a lot of flaws that are not visible if you read just silently. If there is no video, you can record the text on the recorder and listen. According to the results, change and shorten the text. Never stop at one option.

Expand your horizons. Any topic of interest to you has related subtopics. And those subtopics have more subtopics. So, you will broaden your horizons – as if climbing a mountain, when the horizon as if moves away, revealing new and new details.

Frequently write about something uninteresting to you. About what you do not know at all. Totally. Just for training. After all, we all love to write only about what we like. But you came here for creative and most importantly effective tips, don’t you? So, believe us, if you make an effort and sometimes write about things that are of no interest to you, you will increase your level of writing skills tenfold.

Write about familiar and boring. Well, for example, here runs a dog. What can you write about the dog? Yes, a lot of good things! And interesting facts, verbal turns, etc. will serve as “highlights” in the new, still unwritten texts.


Impressions and facts. Describe your emotions on the selected topic and then write about the bare facts. Try to combine. See how your text will play out in fresh colors.

 Try to write a related text on a specific, better unfamiliar topic for a limited time. For example, an hour. When you will succeed in it, reduce the time. Then your productivity will increase without loss of quality.

Write clear. Those what you wrote should be clear not only to you, but to the one who will read it. Decide in advance whom you are writing for. So, texts for computer geeks and people who only know how to play solitaire should be completely different, even if we are talking about exactly the same thing.

Try to combine clichés and creative approach. Clichés are well-established phrases that are already embedded in the minds of citizens with such force that it is simply foolish to ignore them. They have credibility. The best way is to place them at the beginning of the text. But these turns of phrase are boring, and if you operate only with them, the text is unlikely to be read to the end. So, beginning your writing think about an article or post clichés on the topic and come up with a creative replacement for them. The more options there are, the better.


But the most important advice is tested for centuries. “Practice is the criterion of truth.” Write more often. Write when you do not want. Write when there are no orders. Write and after a while you will not be able not to write.

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