Betway Simplifies Sports Betting for Ghanaian Fans

Lottery and Casinos are the two platforms of betting that the Ghanaians enjoy most. But with
Betway’s new simplified betting platform for sports that allows Ghanaians to place bets online, the
other platforms have become history. With Betway Ghana online sports betting becoming more popular
than ever, what is stopping you from trying it out? You can make some great money too, if you play
by the rules and have a little bit of luck on your side.

More about Betway

The Betway Group is a bookmaker that operates online and is currently worldwide. After a shaky
start, the company has now completed ten years in the gambling industry and is a trusted name in
the business.
For amateur gamblers looking for a home to place their bets, this online bookmaker might be the
best fit. Despite their slow start, the Betway group has fought against all odds, revamped their site
and upped their game to reach the major leagues.

Betway in Ghana

Expanding their reach to the Ghanaian market, the company has opened doors for the Ghanaian
bettors to bet on their favorite sports in over 12,000 markets.
The new portal lets fans place bets from anywhere, at any time and from any device. And as the
game of chance is legal in Ghana, Betway’s new gateway is booming with punters. Betway has
diverted the flow of gamblers from traditional casinos and lotteries towards a more sophisticated
online approach of sports betting.

Growth in Annual Turnover

The bookmaker recognized Ghana’s gambling potential and turned it into a million-dollar
opportunity. It’s no surprise that the annual sports gambling revenue in Ghana increased up to 19.3
percent in the last few years and the country has Betway to thank along with other bookmakers.
Betting Made Simple

The arrival of Betway app eliminates the need of visiting physical stores and bookmakers to place
bets for the Ghanaians.
Ghana is famous for two things; its gold and its legal gambling industry.
Gambling is so popular in the Gold Coast that the number of companies investing in these operations
outnumbers banking, telecommunications, and other industries.

How to Place Bets on Betway

To start enjoying the benefits of the Betway portal you must follow these simple steps.

  • Register on the Betway website with valid credentials.
  • After activation, deposit any amount using the mobile money provider from the list of providers
    accepted by Betway.
  • Start placing bets on different sports online.
  • To collect winnings, withdraw them to your account using any of the same providers.

Betway, an online bookmaker is a reason behind Ghana's recent boom in the sports betting industry.
The platform continues to gain popularity among the citizens because of its quick, secure, and user-
friendly interface which the Ghanaians can take complete advantage of without many efforts.

Betway has multiple betting options for the people of Ghana and the latest addition to their refined
portal is the Multi Betting. As time passes, the bond between this leading online sportsbook and the
Ghanaians continues to become stronger.

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