2019/2020 Admission Forms – Lists of Universities Admission Forms in Ghana – 2019/2020 Academic Year


2019/2020 Admission Forms – Lists of Universities Admission Forms in Ghana – 2019/2020 Academic Year…. 2019/2020 Admission Forms Updates! Do you want to know the list of Ghan Institutions whose Admission application forms are out for the 2019/2020 academic session? Here you got it all.


2018/2019 Admission Forms - Lists of Universities Admission Forms in Ghana - 2018/2019 Academic Year

Explore Institutions in Ghana that are currently receiving applications for admission into the various academic programmes for the 2019/2020 academic year.

This page will serve as a Latest Admission Forms Updater to candidates anticipating admission to any Ghana University and Technical University of choice in the 2019/2020 session.

IMPORTANT: This post will be updated regularly as each school released their admission forms, so you are advised to Bookmark and visit this page regularly so as to ascertain when your institution of choice has released their admission forms for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Applications are currently invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into various programmes in any of the under listed institutions in Ghana for the 2019/2020 academic year.

How To Apply for Admission Application Forms on this Page:-

This page contains the general list of Institutions whose Admission Forms are out, therefore you will have to Click on the provided link to view the Admission Details (Requirement, Available Programmes, Mode of Application and More) of a specific institution of your choice.

  1. Click on the link representing the name of your choice institutions.
  2. Follow the procedure on that page that follows.
  3. Effect your Application.

This page contains the following Admission Forms:

  • Universities Admission Forms 2019/2020
  • Technical Universities Admission Forms 2019/2020


Use the Links below to access the admission forms

University of Education Winneba, UEW 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

University of Cape Coast, UCC 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

University of Ghana, UG 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

University of Development Studies, UDS 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

University of Professional Studies, Accra, UPSA 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

University of Mines and Technology, UMaT 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

University of Health and Allied Sciences, UHAS 2019/2020 Admission Forms

University Of Energy And Natural Resources, UENR 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Accra Technical University, ATU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Cape Coast Technical University, CCTU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Kumasi Technical University, KsTU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Koforidua Technical University, KTU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Tamale Technical University, TTU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Ho Technical University, HTU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Takoradi Technical University, TTU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Sunyani Technical University, STU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Regional Maritime University, RMU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Valley View University, VVU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Accra Institute of Technology, AIT 2019/2020 Admission Forms

African University College of Communications, AUUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Anglican University College of Technology 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Catholic University College of Ghana, CUG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Christian Service University College, CSUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Family Health Medical School, FHMS 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Islamic University College, ICUG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Knutsford University College 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Lancaster University Ghana, LUG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Methodist University College Ghana, MUCG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Pentecost University College 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Presbyterian University College Ghana, PUCG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Wisconsin International University College, WIUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Central University College Ghana, CUCG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Catholic Institute of Business and Technology, CIBT 2019/2020 Admission Forms


Regional Maritime University, RMU 2019/2020 Admission Forms

All Nations University College, ANUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Radford University College 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Garden City University College, GCUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Regent University College of Science and Technology 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Technical University College, TUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Mountcrest University College, MCUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, UCAES 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Ashesi University 2019/2020 Admission Forms is Out

Evangelical Presbyterian University College, EPUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Ghana Baptist University College, GBUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Kings University College, KUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Maranatha University College, MUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Pan African Christian University College 2019/2019 Admission Forms

Jayee University College, JUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

University College of Management Studies, UCOMS 2019/2020 Admission Forms

Zenith University College, ZUC 2019/2020 Admission Forms

The Bible University College of Ghana, BUCG 2019/2020 Admission Forms

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  1. I had English E8 , Mathematics C6 , social C6 , science D7 , French B3 , History C6 , Twi C6 can I apply please … Please reply me as soon as possible

  2. Kindly contact 0554507905 for your 2018/2019 Accra Technical University online registration, Birth certificate, passports, affidavit and all types online registration, we are located at Accra Technical University src block, just call us we are ready to help you to fill your 2018/2019 admission forms

    • Comment Text*accra ploy said we must submit some relevant document.pls what are this relevant document so i can prepare them.

  3. I am a Nigerian seeking admission for my son into University of Cape Coast to study accounting. I would like a detail of the duration and cost. The prospective student already has his WAEC result and was 17 years last December 2017.

  4. please on which date will Accra technical university release it’s form and how much is the forms pls add me to group 0247160900

  5. Please add me to the group 0553744560…
    I want to know which tertiary to apply with my grades
    Maths D7
    Lit B3
    Science C6
    English C4
    CR’s B3
    Gov C5
    Econs C4
    Soc B3

    • This can only give you a two year certificate programme, because of the D7 in Maths. All diploma programmes take minimum of C6 in all subjects.

  6. Can I read law with this results;
    Core mathematics-B2
    Christian Religious Stud. – B2
    English language- B3
    Government- B3
    History- B3
    Economics- B3
    Social Studies- B3
    Integrated Science- C4

  7. My dream is be come a military to serve my country and die for my country, am a electrician I completed Tamale Technical institute

  8. English D7 and B3 in the rest including elective math, Geography,physics, chemistry and the other core subjects can I apply for civil engineering in central university

  9. can I apply with the result English D7 and the rest B3 in physics, chemistry, Geography, Elective math and the there core for civil engineering in central university.


  11. Please I had English D7, Maths C5, Int. Science C4, Social B3, Picture Making C4, G.K.A C4, Jewllery C5.
    Can I apply for UPSA

  12. Please , I had SOS C6, Eng C4, Maths B3, Graphic D7, Ceramics D7, GKA C5.. Please can I offer Graphic Design at University of Education.

  13. Comment Text*pls i had .sos.C4,sci.C5,econs.C5,eng.C6,maths.C5,twi.C5,crs.C6 & govt F9.can i apply for social studies education at unvrty of educ ????

  14. Please I had English(core)C6,maths(core)C4,science(core)C6,EconsC5,GeographyC6 and GovernmentC4 can I apply for College of Humanities and Social Science at KNUST

  15. Please I want read business administration in accounting with this grade maths B3,English C5,science B3,Accounting B2,B/M B3,Costing A1, Economics B3

  16. Hi! can i learn languages at university of ghana with these grades from the following subjects: s.studies C6 ,engl C4 ,maths(core) C5 ,int.sc C4 ,gov’t B3 ,maths(elect) B3 ,french A1 ,econs B3.

  17. Eng c4,maths c4,science c4,social e8,literature c6,econs f9,CR’s f9,geog c5 and novdec I had CR’s c6,social c6,econs e8,can I apply for admission

  18. I had maths C6,English C6,Integrated Science C6,Social C5,Crop Husbandry C4,General Agriculture C6,Physics E8,Chemistry E8.Please can I apply.

  19. Comment Text*pls i had Social studies B3, English C5, Core maths B3, inter-science D7, Economics B3, Geography B3, government C6, elective maths B3 …can for sundwish program that’s social studies for degree

  20. Comment Text*I got maths-C6,english-C5,social-C4,govt-A1,c.r.s-A1&history-B3.can I apply for business administration at the university of ghana?

    • Comment Text*pls I had social B2,English C6,Maths D7,Science D7,Econs B3,Gov B3 and French D7 can I apply for Diploma in Information Technology at GIMPA or Ghana Telecom university

  21. I want to creat a new account but am actually getting a message that the account is in use but I can’t recall my user name and password

  22. please I had English D7,Science C6, Social C5,Core Mathematics F9, General Agriculture C6,Crop husbandry C4, Physics E8, Chemistry E8,can I apply.

  23. I got Mathematics D7,English C6,Science C5,Social B2,History B3,Geography A1,Dagaare B2 ,can I apply for B A Geography Education?


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